Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Kit Broken Heart...

Broken Heart was just something I made because
I have been making so much focused on Love for
Valentine's day that there is another side to it.
It reminds me of one of my good friends whose wife
left him on Valentine's day. So appreciate the loved
ones in your life and show them every day that you care
not just one day a year..

This is a PTU Kit $2.00...

Kit includes
12 Papers
2 Frames
Winged Heart String
Winged Heart Safety Pin
Winged Heart Silver Hearts
Winged Heart String
Locked Down Heart
Love Fastener Bow
Black Tag
Winged Heart
Key Ring
Winged Heart Paper Clip
Winged Heart Button
Winged Heart Streamer
Winged Heart Flower
Red & Black Satin Bows
Red & Black Bows 1
Red & Black Bows 2
Red & Black Winged Heart Ribbons
Red & Black Flow Bows
Red & Black Hangers
Red & Black Fastener Bows
Red & Black Loopy Bows
Red & Black Love Bows
Red & Black Safety Pin Ribbons
Red & Black Side Ribbons



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