Monday, November 3, 2008


Whew.. been busy lately and haven't really posted anything
new on here so wanted to do for you all to enjoy.
With Lee's shoulder still injured and got asked to
do a Cd Cover for a upcoming album release. Its been exciting
to say the least lol. I also made a new kit it should be available
soon over at MYPSPTUBES so be watching for it.

Also, am involved with the blog train, that is all done and cant
wait to share with everyone.I love Christmas so am excited to see
all the other kits that were made. If you would like to be part of
the blog train go check it out @ the more the merrier right. lol. I am
going to be trying to get some other things up for the holidays as
well so stop on back to see whats next.

Also Its been just over a month and Dreamland is about to reach its
10 thousand visitors to the site mark. I have to say I am still very
in awe that the site has taken off the way it has and all the wonderful
people I have met along the way. Thank you all, for your support and
kind words and encouragement. It is really heartfelt. Having said that
I do think I am gonna do something special to mark that 10 thousand mark
on the site. So stay tuned to see what it is.*giggles*

Ok, know that I have babbled on enough, I am going back to creating and
wish you all a blessed day.



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