Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dreamland HIts 10 Thousand Site Hits...

Dreamland Designs 10 Thousand Hits

To celebrate this event I made a special kit.Know most have done
cakes and such for there's but be being me I went a whole different
direction and love how it turned out. I also am making a layout to go
along with this new kit.I thank you all for coming to the site with
out you guys it wouldn't be possible.

A special thanks to the ones who give me encouragement and support
when I get creative block or just don;t think its good enough.
I really care and value you all. Huggerz

Know on to the kit yahhhhhhhh!

~Kit Contains~

5 Papers
3 Ribbons
Turkey , Pilgrim boy & Girl
Indian Boy & Girl
Indian Boy & Girl Grain Ribbon
Turkey Grain Ribbon
3 Frames
2 Bows
Turkey Chain
Indian Boy & Girl Safety Pin Bow
Turkey, Pilgrim Girl & Boy Buttons
Turkey , Pilgrim Girl & Boy Paper Clips
2 Doodles
2 Flowers




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TrinaLouise said...

Broken link to kit, awesome designing!