Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cancer Awareness Stamps


This month is Breast cancer month.
But what about all the other cancers
that goes unnoticed? Uterine,Cervical,
Lung,Stomach,Brain cancers along with
many more. So, I want to get some
awareness out there about other
cancers as well,So I made these
stamps to share with everyone.

My story is Over the past year I have
had 3 major surgeries,Uterine and Cervical
cancer, a blood clot in my right lung, and
fibromyalgia. I just this week found out I
am again going in for surgery for a tare in
my esophagus, and they are looking for Stomach
and Large intestine cancer.Its been a long
road and have had great support from my family
and Friends with out them I dont know how I could
have gotten through so far.

So, If you would like a stamp with whatever
cancer or cancers that you or a loved one has
had please email me @
and Tell me what you want and I will be more then
happy to make them for you. In the subject line
please put Cancer Awareness Stamps and also
lets put them on our sites blogs,twitters,facebooks,
myearbooks, forums where ever we can to let anyone
out there going through Cancer or Surviving Cancer
that we love and support them.


1 comment:

Justine Hartline said...

I lost my grandfather to brain cancer last year and there's too many out there that people are unaware of and your stamp is awesome.
Sorry I've been a little slow getting back, life gets in the way of PSP ;)