Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just a rant

As I was putting together some kits for a
very sweet lady I noticed that people have
been downloading my kits that are PTU
with out paying for them. So I went through
the whole 4share file and found out that
$616.00 dollars worth of my kits have been
downloaded with out being paid for. Know I
am not dilousional to think that some people
feel that once they download the kits after
they buy them they share the link PLEASE DO
NOT DO THAT. Others have some how gotten into
my 4shared file and are downloading them with
out permission. This makes me so mad and I know
Im not the only person this has happened to.
We work hard on these kits and items to share
with you and I certainly have alot of free kits

I have had uterine and cervical cancer and know
will find out this Wednesday if I have blood cancer
on top of all this. That money that I lost could have
paid alot on my cancer stuff and hope whoever is taking
these kits will please realize that.

Ok enough about my ranting. Just had to get it off
my chest.


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