Friday, September 25, 2009

Military Tribute Kit


Laughter filling the air of family enjoying time
with each other, good times, family dinner,
smiles and happiness. All gone with the ringing
of the phone, silence fills the air and terror
fills my uncles face as he sits there listening
to his daughter on the other end of the phone,
his grandson, my cousin is in Afghanastan as
was hit by a bomb yesterday. The Army didn't
give much info other then he was hit. We all left
to go comfort and pray for my cousin not knowing how
bad it was or if he was even alive.

A while later we get a call telling us they have him
stable enough to move to the hospital in Germany where
they would be operating on him and we would hear more
later. They told us it was his legs that had been hit,
This morning we get the news confirming they amputated
his right leg. It's a tuff pill to swallow but were all
thankful that he is alive,His wife who enlisted with him
is also serving in the Army and is over seas with him,
so he has some comfort with here being there.

This gave me the idea for this kit and hopes that it gets
alot of response because we all know a mom,dad,brother,sister,
aunt,uncle,cousin,loved one or friend over seas fighting this war.

My hopes with this kit is to take all proceeds that are made and
donate them to the veterans hospital.

The kit includes:
16 papers
6 frames
68 elements


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