Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just a bit of a update...

As some of you have read from previous post
I had to have surgery this past Friday.
Surgery went well was up and walking
a few hours after they put me in my
room and have been moving forward since.
Having a hysterectomy is a very hard experience
for alot of women and I was no exception to the whole
thing. I new along time ago that I couldn't have no more
children so I was ok with that, it was and is still
trying to deal with the whole felling of not being
a complete woman, if that makes sense. I new going
into the surgery it was for the best as I have a
condition not found in younger women such as myself
called Hyperplasia.

What is hyperplasia?
Endometrial hyperplasia is the medical term for unusual or excessive cell growth in the inner glandular lining of the uterus, also called the endometrium.
However, there are times when uterine hyperplasia can get worse, leading to atypical and precancerous cellular changes. This is why any woman with hyperplasia is considered to be at a higher risk for cancer than one without.

I had to have a hysterectomy to deal with mine and am waiting test results to
see if it had any cancer in my uteris.I am staying positive
and know I will be fine, nothing can stop me lol.

Why am I telling this to you all, well I am working on 12 new kits
that will be on here and MPT for FTU AND PTU. and also new paper
packs and a new site coming for all the sports stuff that I am
getting requests for. I just ask that you all bare with me
as I am working to fill all requests that I have been getting.

I want to thank you all for coming to my page and enjoying the
stuff I have for you all. Its always so wonderful to see
the comments and thank yous it makes me happy to make others

Ok, enough rambling on lol. Back to working on new things to


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