Friday, December 26, 2008

Just Venting

Ok, I am just venting because lord knows we all need to
at times and well this is one of them. I come on to my page
find a comment down on my shout box. Well, first of all
if you have something to say get balls to say who you are.
Secondly, my header is not illegal as you said.

The template I used was a free one from Babes site.
The Scrap Kit was one I made.
and also The image was from SUZANNE WOOLCOTT which
has the proper credit and my license number on the

So before you go making accusations you might want to
stop and think about what your saying because you just
to start something, because your bored with your own
life. Kinda Sad actually. I Pitty you.

But any how I am don't venting and hope you all had a
Merry Christmas. Keep smiling I know I am.


1 comment:

Justine Hartline said...

OMG!! What is up with people this month??
I had one over a award, I mean damn people.

People just need to get a life and a real job......LOL