Friday, November 28, 2008

New Mini Kit FTU

I made a little skunk a while ago and
never new what I was gonna do with him.
So I named him Skunky and he sat there so
patiently till last night. I got the urge
to make a mini kit. And Skunky found his
little home lol. Ok, call me crazy, its 5:30
in the morning here. What do you expect? LMAO

**Kit Includes**

8 Papers
2 Frames
Pink & Black Bow
Pink & Black Satin Ribbon
Pink & Black Beads
Pink & Black Doodles
Pink & Black Back Lace
Pink & Black Skunky Bow
Pink & Black Buttons
Skunky Pendant
Skunky Bottle Cap



Shirley said...

He's adorable!!!!!!! TY4S........

Coes said...

This kit is so ADORABLE! Thank you for sharing it and for giving me an award!! You are a sweetheart!! Hugs


Tineke said...

So cute, thanks

Kyrsten said...

Very cute - I love the skunky stuff. Wish it was in PSD - can you tell I am exploring your enire blog. - love it