Thursday, October 2, 2008

Am so excited.

I am so excited to announce that I am know a designer
at MYPSPTUBES.COM I can't wait to get started there
and get new kits up for everyone to enjoy.

Know I have been asked if that means no more freebies
on here.Yes,there are still going to be free templates,
word art etc. still on here and will always try to come
up with new things that you all will enjoy.

So come on over to


And check out me and the many other wonderful artists that are on this site.

Thank you to all of those who believed in me first and formost my son Lee, hes my world my life my everything, Sneezer,Mindy,Spyder,Joe,C_DOG,Triple H, Monkey butt
and everyone who comes to here and supports my work.

I also want to thank Jolene over at mypsptubes for giving me this chance to
be apart of these very talented designers.


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