Tuesday, September 30, 2008

**For Lee**

My son Lee is my everything and my all.
He got hurt Friday in gym playing dodge
ball. But as he says mom I was MVP LOL
He hurt his tricep,bicep and deltoid
muscle in his right arm. So its been
real fun needless to say to make sure
isn't using that right arm, and hes mad
he cant play gym for a week. So, sitting
here made him a bear even though hes 16
lol hes still muh baby. Just thought I
would share what I made him. *GIGGLES*
hes a popcorn freak. lol



Kessa said...

Oh these bears are so cute. I know what you mean by he's still your baby - hehe - I have a 23 year old 'baby'

clubiani said...

What a great mom you are! The little bears are so sweet!